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  • Shotgun Sports Magazine

    Client: Shotgun Sports Magazine, Auburn, CA // Date: Redesign, September 2009
    Applications used: Adobe® Dreamweaver™, Adobe® Photoshop™, Adobe® Flash™
    Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, ActionScript

    Version 3 of the magazine website. This was the second revision I had done and is built without tables, completely CSS. This was the second all–CSS site I had done, but by far the most expansive. I tried a couple of different ways to get the rotating image in the background at the top to work, but finally had to settle on an animated GIF file. I wanted to use Flash, but CSS doesn’t allow SWF files in the background of DIVs.

    I also setup the shopping cart using Zen–Cart. I simply changed around a template to make it more customized.

  • Lawton Construction

    Client: Lawton Construction, Lincoln, CA // Date: Redesign, May 2009
    Applications used: Adobe® Dreamweaver™, Adobe® Photoshop™, Adobe® Flash™
    Languages: HTML, CSS, XML

    Lawton Construction was looking for an updated, captivating website to help build their brand. They had just revamped their logo and wanted the website to be a little more user friendly and interactive than the previous one. This was another all–CSS site I had done and features a nice Flash gallery. The animations on the home page are Flash as well.

  • DeKreek Construction

    Client: DeKreek Construction, Folsom, CA // Date: 2004
    Applications used: Adobe® GoLive™, Adobe® Photoshop™, Adobe® Flash™
    Languages: HTML, CSS, XML, ActionScript

    While I was working part–time for Webignite, I was given this project. The site has remained mostly unchanged since then, save for a few updates and article additions. Sandy and Todd DeKreek seem to still be quite happy with it and I believe still get compliments.

  • Top Lights, Inc.

    Client: Top Lights, Inc., South El Monte, CA // Date: March, 2009
    Applications used: Adobe® Dreamweaver™, Adobe® Photoshop™
    Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

    This project came by word–of–mouth and was my very first all–CSS website. There was a bit of a learning curve and that ended up delaying the launch a bit, but both the client and I were happy with the result. Each product image has a JavaScript popup as well as a button for contractors to download a larger image for use with their plans.

  • Friends Forever, A Cat Sanctuary

    Client: Friends Forever, Auburn, CA // Date: June, 2009
    Applications used: Joomla®, Adobe® Photoshop™
    Languages: PHP, HTML, CSS

    One of two non–profit clients I have had that also were built using Joomla®, a content management system (CMS) that is basically a web application that allows anyone with access to add content to a website. This was another new experience and really turned out better than I expected. It provided the client a means to keep the site up–to–date without any additional cost. Obviously not my first choice, but understandable. There are a few of these CMS systems available and are a very useful tool.

  • Cover Design: Shotgun Sports

    Client: Shotgun Sports Magazine, Auburn, CA // Dates: August 2010, May 2010, May 2009 (in the order they appear)
    Applications used: QuarkXPress®, Adobe® Photoshop™, Adobe® Illustrator™

    Various Shotgun Sports Covers

    Every issue has a unique cover and some require more of my input than others. The first cover was photographed in–house by the Editor–in–Chief. I had suggested the particular shot angle for a previous cover. The second cover was provided and the third was again shot in–house at the Auburn Trap Club. I position the cover blurbs and work to tie everything together nicely.

  • Editorial Layout: The Perfect Storm

    Client: Shotgun Sports Magazine, Auburn, CA // Article Author: L.P. Brezny // Date: May 2010 issue
    Applications used: QuarkXPress®, Adobe® Photoshop™

    The Perfect Storm by L.P. Brezny

    This layout shows some of the better photography that is submitted with stories. My main responsibility with the magazine is to take the copy and images and lay them out in the best possible presentation I can while keeping in mind various constraints, such as where color pages fall within the issue and placement of advertising.

  • Editorial Layout: Remington® M887™ Nitromag

    Client: Shotgun Sports Magazine, Auburn, CA // Article Author: L.P. Brezny // Date: March 2009 issue
    Applications used: QuarkXPress®, Adobe® Photoshop™, Adobe® Illustrator™

    Remington M887 Nitromag

    Here is another Brezny story. Although the effect of interlacing images and headlines is nothing new, I think it lends well to the layout design. Thankfully Remington® makes their logos available to art departments, in order to save time redrawing them on our own.

  • Editorial Layout: Teaching Kids

    Client: Shotgun Sports Magazine, Auburn, CA // Article Author: Dave Robinson // Date: April 2010 issue
    Applications used: QuarkXPress®, Adobe® Photoshop™, Adobe® Illustrator™

    Teaching Kids To Shoot Clays

    This story was more of an instruction article discussing introducing children to different shotgun games. I tried to convey youthful exhuberance, while maintaining the clean style that I have become known for.

  • Editorial Layout: Caesar Guerini’s Apex

    Client: Shotgun Sports Magazine, Auburn, CA // Article Author: Johnny Cantu // Date: September 2009 issue
    Applications used: QuarkXPress®, Adobe® Photoshop™

    Caesar Guerini's New Apex Sporting Over and Under

    In nearly every issue the Editor–in–Chief, Johnny Cantu, writes a gun review. This is the opening spread for what was a new gun from one of our most consistent advertisers and a manufacturer of fine firearms. Most of the images were either shot in–house or provided by Caesar Guerini.

  • Brochure

    Client: Philip Hawkins Architect, Inc. + Assoc., Roseville, CA // Half–fold, 5.5" x 8.5" // Date: April 2008
    Applications used: QuarkXPress®, Adobe® Photoshop™

    Philip Hawkins Half-Fold Brochure

    This was a more technical piece in that it required a bit of creative problem solving to get the curved banner picture containers to work consistently and flow across the page without looking horrible. The client provided a clear idea for me to build on and this was really more a matter of putting the pieces together like a puzzle. Often that is what graphic design boils down to, and the thing I enjoy most about it.

  • Brochure

    Client: Foothill Painting, Auburn, CA // Tri–fold 8.5" x 3.67" // Date: August 2008
    Applications used: QuarkXPress®, Adobe® Photoshop™, Adobe® Illustrator™

    Foothill Painting Tri-Fold Brochure

    Another fairly technical piece with odd–shaped picture frames that combine to form a painted stroke. Another fairly fun project, mainly from the aspect that I don’t get to work on a lot of projects like this in the magazine business.

  • Catalog

    Client: Living Green Design Solutions, Fresno, CA // Half 8.5" x 11" // Date: August 2010
    Applications used: QuarkXPress®, Adobe® Photoshop™, Adobe® Illustrator™

    Living Green Design Solutions Catalog

    This project was from a referral of one of my longest freelance clients and required reworking a previous design I did for the referring client. Catalogs present their own unique challenges because of the amount of products that are within them as well as coordinating page counts — all while trying to keep the project as affordable as possible for the client.

  • Flyer

    Client: MJM Lighting, Sacramento, CA // 8.5" x 11" // Date: April 2006
    Applications used: QuarkXPress®, Adobe® Photoshop™, Adobe® Illustrator™

    MJM Lighting Pavers Flyer

    Michael Mitchell of MJM Lighting and I have had a working relationship since 2004. I have done a variety of projects for him that are both print projects and online. This is a flyer introducing his paver lights and is one of the projects that, I feel, turned out the best.

  • Shootin’ Accessories

    Client: Shotgun Sports, Inc., Auburn, CA // Date: 2007

    Shotgun Sports has a mail–order business called Shootin’ Accessories. In 2007, as the staff graphic artist, I was asked to redesign the logo that had been in place for at least a decade. I came up with the shotgun shooter in front of the letters “s” and “a”, for a more modern look. I have included the previous logo, which I did not design, for comparison:
    Old Shootin' Accessories logo

  • Mariner’s Ink

    Client: Recreation Publications, Reno, NV // Date: 1996

    Mariner's Ink

    I designed this logo while working for Recreation Publications in Reno, Nevada in 1996. The company publishes chart books every year or so and Mariner’s Ink is the publishing company they go by. I, personally, have a real fondness for squids and octopi and felt the fact that each produce ink was a suitable representation for a publishing company.

  • Lepori Construction

    Client: Frank Lepori Construction, Reno/Sparks, NV // Date: 1994

    Fairly fresh out of design school and working for Recreation Publications, my uncle was at the same time getting his contracting business off the ground. He had a small office in his house and wanted a logo to build his brand. He had asked me to come up with something. While I know I could do much better now, the fact that he still uses this logo to this day and it being the first logo I ever created, makes it special.

  • Rodgers Construction

    Client: Rodgers Construction, Casper, WY // Date: 2004

    The common name is not a coincidence. Yet another family project, this time for my dad. I had been bugging him for years to let me create a logo for him and he finally relented. The idea behind it is trusses, a building’s roof framework. He was quite pleased and proudly displays it on a variety of signs and his work truck. Apparently my idea has been “borrowed” by a few other contractors in the area, which is flattering, I suppose.